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The Nonprofit Recurring Giving Benchmark

Recurring donors can be up to 4x more valuable than a one-time donor. And with recurring giving on the rise, we wondered how it can be optimized in order to improve results and grow online revenue.

The best way to understand how to optimize recurring giving is to look at it from the donor’s perspective. That’s why we became mystery donors and made recurring donations to 115 organizations across 9 different verticals, analyzing:

  • 115 donation pages
  • 4,117 email communications
  • 534 direct mail letters
  • 83 phone calls
  • and more

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Your free benchmark study provides insights into: 

  •  What to include (and exclude) on your recurring donation pages.
  • Channels and frequency of communication and cultivation.
  • Winning back lost, stolen, or canceled credit cards.
  • Testing  each step of the recurring donation process.

How 115 Organizations Acquire and Cultivate Recurring Donors

In this comprehensive recurring giving report, you’ll find new tips to acquire recurring donors, mistakes to avoid in your communications, ideas to increase the value of recurring donations, and strategies to grow cultivation practices.